200 W. Millbrook Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919-788-1568
Fax: 919-788-1569

Remedy Clinic offers complementary and alternative care for the Triangle area. We offer effective treatment and natural management for many of today's common ailments. Our services include acupuncture, massage therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional supplements.

At Remedy, we believe health is the most important aspect of your life.
Because health care needs evolve, we offer a full range of complementary services to suit your needs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient, gentle, non-invasive, holistic approach to healthcare. It can complement your current efforts to improve and maintain health. TCM's age-old wisdom reveals how foods, lifestyle, sleep, work patterns - even the weather itself - can affect your health. Something as simple as a well-prescribed cup of herbal tea can positively impact mood and well-being.

All patients receive ample one-on-one time to answer all treatment questions. Remedy practitioners use palpation and assessment skills to help reveal dysfunctional patterns that contribute to chronic pain.

TCM diagnosis is thorough. Each patient is viewed as an individual with unique patterns. Herbal prescriptions and nutritional recommendations are tailored to the individual patient's needs.

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